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About IPAS

At IPAS you can expect to create lifelong friendships, memories and a love of performing. For over 30 years our caring, experienced IPAS team has shown its passion for providing the highest quality training and education in Dance, Singing and Music classes. When you choose either one of our fun recreational dance classes per week or aspire to be a professional performer, everyone deserves the opportunity to be guided on their journey by trusted, dedicated and loyal staff.

Our supportive and exciting environment connects you to a like-minded community of committed, happy families, making the studio feel like your second home. Dance studios can nurture personal growth and self-confidence, helping you strive for achievement outside of schools and academic environments.

We want to provide safe and supportive space and allow excellence to shine through.

Since the age of 5 I have called Isolation Performing Arts Studio my home. No words will ever express how grateful I am to be a part of IPAS. IPAS has always been my second home and I couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of people to call family ever since I started.
(Professional Performer – Recipient of Perfect Score for VET Dance)

our Programs

At Isolation we are dedicated to providing you with a friendly and encouraging environment to pursue your performing arts education. We are committed to the development of each and every student and will do our utmost to assist each of you in achieving your goals and aspirations.

Ready Set Dance
PreSchool Ages 2-5

Jazz | Hip Hop | Ballet | Tap

Ready Set Dance classes are designed to give boys and girls confidence, coordination and creativity in a safe, professional environment. With a major emphasis on FUN, our classes will be the highlight of your child’s week.

PreSchool Ages Dance
Junior Classes


Jazz | Tap | Hip Hop | Acrobatics | Ballet | Singing | Acrodance | Glee | Triple Threat | Musical Theatre | Company | Private Lessons

Watch your child bursting with pride and excitement as they achieve their goals and make lifetime friendships.  

Our Primarys are encouraged to challenge themselves, to achieve personal excellence, while building confidence and great technique.

10-14 Yrs

Jazz | Tap | Hip Hop | Acrobatics | Ballet | Singing | Acrodance | Glee | Triple Threat | Musical Theatre | Company | Private Lessons
See your child build confidence to last a lifetime, through their love of performing and connection to their IPAS home.

Our intermediates have many class options they may wish to take one fun fitness class per week or come and train every day of the week we can cater for all.


14+ Yrs (None To Limited Experience)

Jazz | Tap | Hip Hop | Acrobatics | Ballet | Singing | Acrodance | Glee | Triple Threat | Musical Theatre | Company | Private Lessons
We endeavour to nurture your love of the performing arts, inspire and motivate your sense of creativity and performance artistry by joining with you in the joy of achieving new skills. You are encouraged to have fun and to reach your highest potential to achieve excellence every step of the way while getting fit in a non competitive environment.


14+ Yrs (Experienced)

Jazz | Tap | Hip Hop | Acrobatics | Ballet | Singing | Acrodance | Glee | Triple Threat | Musical Theatre | Company | Private Lessons

Through our challenging, fast paced, exciting classes our teachers inspire you to achieve excellence in your chosen style.  Working with a like minded community of committed artist we help you thrive in any performance environment.

Experienced Classes
Dance Awards

VET Dance - Dance For Your Future
Years 10 - 12

If you love to dance why not make it count towards your Year 12 marks?
Our AWARD winning VET Dance program not only counts towards your ATAR but gains you a certificate II in Dance.

Owning your STAR quality
6+ (Audition Only)

Bridging the gap between Studio training and the professional Entertainment Industry.
If you want to train at the highest level with the best teachers these are the classes for you.
Incorporating workshops, competitions, community performances, audition classes and much more.

IPAS Company
This place is where it all began! The singing, the dancing, the confidence, the family values and support that lifts up the students…so high that they never give up and reach for the stars. Thanks IPAS family for helping Jazmin to fly!

Why Join IPAS?

Variety of Styles

DanceJazz, Tap, Classical Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Pointe

Musical Theatre, including Triple Threat

Acrodance | Singing | Piano

Wide Range of class types

Recreational Classes – all styles

Exam Classes – Dancing, Singing, Piano

The IPAS Company – Pre-professional Training

VET Dance in the VCE

All Ages

We cater for and welcome students of all ages.


All classes are designed to be age appropriate.


From recreational to pre-professional, we value all of our students. We strongly believe that whether a student joins us one day per week or everyday of the week, all students deserve the same excellence in training.


Creating strong performers with stronger minds

We are committed to providing an environment where students can not only train and enjoy taking part in the performing arts, but also feel supported by their teachers and school community.


Owning your STAR quality

The IPAS Company program bridges the gap between studio training and the entertainment industry.


Dance for your future

Our VET Dance program for year 10-12 students allows us to offer dance as part of a student’s high school education. This may also be taken out side of the VCE as a Certificate II in Dance.


Our values are the foundation of everything that we do
Excitement | Confidence | Community

Excellence | Loyalty

Safe Dance Practices

Encouraging and promoting physical and emotional well being

Providing a balanced approach to training

Providing a safe and happy performance environment

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