Dance Styles


In Jazz you will learn a fun and energetic style of dance consisting of mostly sharp and strong movements. It incorporates a variety of dance styles and is a very powerful form of dance where you learn to execute technical steps to music. Jazz encourages flexibility and builds on strength.

Recreational and Exam classes available


In tap you will learn to tap out the rhythm of the music wearing special shoes that are fitted with metal plates on both the toes and the heels to create sound. Tap focusses on musicality and is a very fun, energetic dance style.

Recreational and Exam classes available

Classical Ballet

This is a traditional technique that will build and develop your strength and control to give you the ability to perform with precision and grace. The style of dance you would see organisations like the Australian Ballet perform.

Recreational and Exam classes available

Pointe Work

(Only in older groups)

This is an extension of the classical ballet classes where you dance on your toes in specially designed shoes. We offer this class by invitation only to ballet students who are of an appropriate age, standard and who demonstrate the strength and control required for pointe work.

Hip Hop

During Hip-Hop classes you will learn fun upbeat and fun street dances, commonly seen in film clips. This cool style of movement incorporates many street techniques including Break, Krunk, House, Funk and Popping and Locking.

Mixed and Boys only class available.


(Only in older groups)

In this style you will focuses on developing strength and control while exploring a more abstract form of movement. There are strong elements of ballet, jazz and lyrical combined in this expressive and versatile genre of dance.


Acrodance is the internationally recognised program for developing strong, flexible and well-rounded acrobats. The class is a fast paced mixture of flexibility, strength, balance, limbering and tumbling so students are able to perform amazing skills.


As a singing students you will be taught in a fun and enjoyable environment whilst learning breathing skills, clear enunciation and proper formation of vowel sounds, interpretation of songs and performance techniques.

Recreational and Exam available.


You will feel like you are on the hit show “Glee”. Glee classes combine singing, acting and dancing set to a very broad range of musical styles and genres.


In your piano lesson you will learn on a digital piano with the option of selecting classical or modern. All music students will focus on exercises, scales, pieces, sight readings, aural training and piano theory in class.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available in all class styles we have on offer and are an excellent opportunity to consolidate and accelerate what they have previously learned in their technique classes or to choreograph specific routines. Both the student and teacher can focus more closely on correcting individual technique and also provides an opportunity to discuss the student’s personal performance development in detail.

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